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Stock de fotos edificios, parque, real, Phnom, penh-

edificios, parque, real, Phnom, penh - csp3232378

There, two, "royal, palace", The, first, was, located, Oudong, built, 1434, during, reign, King, Ponhea, Yat, (1405-1467), The, second, we, interested, was, built, 1866, King, Norodom, along, Tonle, Chatomouk, Phnom, Penh, then, called, Preah, Reach, Borane, Vang, Chatomuk, Mongkut, Its, official, opening, took, place, February, 14, 1870, The, buildings, whose, structure, inspired, Khmer, sculpture, oriented, east, sacred, rules, construction, The, exterior, painted, royal, yellow, These, works, made, French, architects, Khmer, In, early, twentieth, century, it, housed, Royal, dance, troupe, royal, elephants, The, set, consists, several, buildings, including, Throne, Room, pavilion, arts, représentaitons, The, main, arena, Palace, closed, public, except, special, occasions, such, King's, birthday, Considered, main, tourist, town, area, approximately, 16, hectares, it, offers, visitors, extensive, gardens, constructed, various, palaces, pagodas, one, never, tires, watching, Surrounded, protected, behind, high, wall, built, 1866, during, reign, Norodom, also, painted, yellow, royal, there, sees, roof, castle, Khemmarine, Chan, Chhaya, Pavilion, Preah, Keo, Morakat, Tevi, Vinichhay, Among, most, visited, or, Padoge, Royal, Pagoda, Emerald, Buddha, (Wat, Preah, Keo, better, known, Silver, Pagoda), sanctuary, royal, ashes, Since, 1962, there, shine, 5329, silver, tiles, 1, 125, k, each, The, pagoda, was, built, King, Norodom, 1892, 1902, We, see, yard, his, equestrian, statue, or, it, shown, dressed, French, general, It, could, be, equestrian, statue, Napoleon, III, whose, head, was, replaced, King, Norodom, Inside, temple, offers, visitors, approximately, 1, 600, documents, find, cult, objects, Buddhas, statues, inlaid, diamonds, rubies, Elements, gold, bronze, silver, precious, stones, all, kinds, items, referring, rich, glorious, past, It, takes, hour, enjoy, windows, Among, most, remarkable, pieces, small, emerald, Buddha, seventeenth, century, Baccarat, crystal, placed, center, him, front, Buddha, gold, 90, kg, representing, King's, jewelry, has, melted, encrusted, 9584, diamonds, This, Buddha, de1906, date, was, conducted, according, exact, measurements, King, Norodom, We, discover, large, number, other, Buddhas, smaller, If, you, look, closely, you'll, see, covered, 1, 000, diamonds!, All, around, exhibit, showcases, all, gifts, given, King, Norodom, Royal, Family, other, dignitaries, It, takes, time, travel, within, cloister, walls, outer, gallery, include, frescoes, painted, between, 1903, 1904, recounting, episodes, Khmer, version, Ramayana, called, Reamker, The, lower, part, was, affected, moisture, semblle, difficult, restore, The, Palais, also, houses, Wat, Phnom, Mondap, its, green, tropical, vegetation, contains, footprint, Buddha, The, iron, gazebo, surprising, aspect, was, donated, Empress, Eugenie, wife, Napoleon, III, King, Norodom, 1, occasion, inauguration, Suez, Canal, was, win, shipping, time, several, long, weeks, bypass, Africa, It, surprise, when, visiting, palace, its, architecture, "French", so, characteristic, years, "Eiffel", It, was, often, used, important, ceremonies, events, Today, there, more, visits, because, restoration, work, progress, (January, 2005), After, leaving, court, or, held, little, flag, go, strolling, along, "stables", elephants, there, less, than, hundred, King, You, will, then, discover, gallery, devoted, ceremonial, dress, horses, other, items, necessary, harness, these, animals, (saddles, baskets, palanquin), A, typical, Khmer, will, visit, nearby, scenery, usual, day, Cambodian, living, country, can, still, see, today

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edificios, parque, real, Phnom, penh
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